TaxGroup Partners is an independent advisory firm providing solely tax services.

Logo-Bullet Practice

We practice in areas requiring profound technical analysis and the exercise of both tax and business judgment. In cooperation with our clients’ financial accountants, we detect issues and evaluate our clients’ tax positions in order to help our clients make accurate financial provisions for taxes. We work with our clients’ attorneys and investment bankers to provide full transactional tax advisory services including structuring, due diligence and issue resolution for mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, business and asset dispositions, financings and other major transactions. In addition, we provide full tax compliance and planning services to a sophisticated, international client group.

Logo-Bullet People

Our personnel are highly skilled and experienced, typically having both superior academic training and national-firm experience. We staff our projects with relatively senior people, meaning that our clients benefit from direct contact with professionals who have the knowledge, judgment and experience to provide optimum results. Every client has direct, real-time access to our top technical specialists.

Logo-Bullet Approach

Our approach emphasizes practical and economically sensible solutions to even the most complex tax issues. We understand that a decision is only as good as its implementation.

By specializing in taxation the firm is able to be unusually responsive and efficient in serving its clients. We pass the benefits of that efficiency on to our clients, both in terms of carefully-controlled costs and in terms of responsiveness.

As a tax-only firm, we do not compete with auditors and therefore can cooperate with them freely. Because we are not subject to the independence rules that apply to auditors, we can work with our clients collaboratively and proactively to achieve superior tax results.

We seek to provide information and alternatives clearly, simply and promptly so that our clients can make informed decisions. Albert Einstein is credited with the statement “if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” We are prepared to be held to that standard.