Judicious tax planning is vital to nearly every business. TaxGroup provides responsive, practical and efficient tax planning services. We understand that circumstances change, so we are oriented toward flexibility in our planning.

Logo-Bullet Standard And Sophisticated Tax Planning

We fulfill both standard and more sophisticated tax planning needs. We conduct special tax analysis and studies, emphasizing quantitative analysis to help businesses make fully-informed decisions. Those include tax attribute studies (net operating loss, earnings and profits, etc.), international tax studies (transfer pricing, repatriation, jurisdiction selection) and studies relating to special provisions of the tax law (construction cost segregation, domestic production deduction, etc.) We also analyze state sales and use tax (including nexus) and property tax issues.

Government tax contacts are an inevitable part of tax practice. TaxGroup deals routinely and productively with government taxing agencies at all levels. We handle informal inquiries and ruling requests as well as tax audits and appeals.

Logo-Bullet A Full Range Of Tax Services

TaxGroup efficiently prepares tax filings. Our compliance practice includes returns, other disclosures, tax election analysis and all other activities required to meet tax reporting requirements. We concentrate on correct and consistent presentation that accurately reflects the taxpayer’s reporting position.

We assist our clients with cash and noncash compensation, including issuance of equity interests such as restricted stock, stock options and partnership or LLC profits interests. We are sensitive to issues of “phantom income” (taxation without cash receipt) and even more sensitive to the draconian provisions of Internal Revenue Code 409A (relating to certain deferrals of income).