Nothing can make a tax audit a pleasant or relaxing experience (although a “no change” result can certainly help). TaxGroup is experienced in dealing with government taxing agencies at all levels. We are prepared to help our clients organize responses to government information requests, provide strong advocacy, negotiate with taxing authorities and work toward expeditious and fair resolutions of their tax matters.

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We handle federal, state and local tax audits and tax appeals. In court cases involving taxes, we assist and support taxpayers’ attorneys. In tax controversies, we are credible advocates. We are skilled in demonstrating the facts and law supporting our clients’ tax positions.

We assist our clients when Penalties are at issue: TaxGroup is knowledgeable in the requirements and procedures for obtaining penalty abatement. Those procedures include state “voluntary disclosure” processes that can have the effect of eliminating audit risk for past years and helping clients join the tax system in good standing.

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Similarly, we are experienced in procedures the IRS uses to mitigate the effects of missed deadlines. While it is not always possible to do so, in some cases knowledgeable advisers can obtain extensions of time to make important elections and filings that have been overlooked.

The IRS provides a variety of opportunities for taxpayers to get official answers to questions instead of waiting for audit. That certainty can be very valuable. TaxGroup is experienced in making applications for those answers. In addition, we have active channels for obtaining informal advice from federal and state taxing authorities.