From time to time, businesses require extensive studies of particular tax characteristics. Those studies can be necessary for tax planning or to support the businesses’ tax positions. Those studies must be reliable and compliant with IRS requirements. In many cases their outcomes are highly dependent on a deep understanding of the business.

TaxGroup conducts studies in the following areas, among others:

  • Construction cost segregation (determining depreciability)
  • Net operating loss studies (tax asset quantification)
  • Ownership change analysis (“382 studies”)
  • Transaction cost studies (to determine cost deductibility)
  • Earnings and profits studies (distinguishing nontaxable distributions from dividends)
  • Nexus studies (to determine state tax exposure)
  • Basis studies (to determine taxable gain or loss)
  • Built-in gain and loss studies (to evaluate tax assets)


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We conduct analysis of international taxation, state sales and use tax and property tax issues.
Tax accounting methods are subject to complex regulatory requirements. We are experienced in applying those requirements to evaluate accounting methods and in assisting our clients in implementing accounting method changes.

Such studies and analyses can be necessary and helpful in tax planning. In some cases, they lead to direct tax benefits, even to the extent of making it possible for taxpayers to undertake business initiatives that would not otherwise be viable.

These analyses and studies can be very expensive and difficult to get completed in time to use the information developed in a timely manner. Our extensive experience in this area and efficient use of personnel allow us to provide study and analytical information in a way that is both cost-effective and time-effective.