Virtually every day a business must make tax planning decisions. At TaxGroup, we stand ready to help with those decisions in a responsive and efficient manner. We provide prompt, practical answers to day-to day tax questions, but do more than that. We help plan business structures that accommodate different possible opportunities and outcomes, allow businesses to provide for key employees, gain tax benefits that can assist with business expansion, and even take advantage of special tax provisions exempting certain sales or exchanges of small business stock from federal income taxation.

Logo-Bullet Breadth And Depth Of Experience

We work with a wide variety of businesses in different stages of development. If a client has a tax or tax-related issue, chances are that our experienced professionals have seen something like it before. We place the experience of our most experienced personnel directly at our clients’ disposal. Those people are available to talk with our clients informally and responsively.

TaxGroup can help with more exotic tax planning needs as well, including succession planning for a business’s long-term future. We are expert in international tax planning, including overseas expansion and sales, foreign manufacturing relationships, inbound marketing and outbound marketing. As personnel shift locations, we assist with the complex planning and reporting requirements of inpatriate and expatriate taxation. We advise on transfer pricing (Internal Revenue Code § 482), including providing transfer pricing studies that meet IRS transfer pricing requirements.