TaxGroup Partners takes a practical approach to providing transactional advice. In addition to optimizing tax results, we are sensitive to ongoing reporting issues and effects on financial accounting.

We are experienced in structuring mergers and acquisitions, working to obtain the best possible direct tax results from the transactions while preserving tax attributes and facilitating business integration.

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In addition to structuring, we conduct a robust tax due diligence practice, assisting our clients in discovering tax risks, validating tax attributes and preparing for integration of businesses. We also carry out defensive or internal due diligence to prepare our clients that are or anticipate being the subjects of due diligence procedures.

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TaxGroup serves various investment-oriented entities. We provide extensive private equity and venture capital tax services, addressing such specialized tax issues as tiered ownership, distribution analysis, carried interests and member reporting. We advise on joint ventures, technology transfer arrangements and research arrangements. We are knowledgeable in the areas of taxation relating to capital raising.