TaxGroup’s due diligence practice is based on a simple philosophy: know everything you need to know, and no more. We are extremely thorough in detecting issues that may affect a transaction’s structure or even its viability, but we have the experience and confidence to know when it is unnecessary to pursue an issue. We are therefore in a position to provide actionable due diligence findings efficiently and promptly.

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Our due diligence procedures include income tax compliance validation, analysis of tax assets, evaluation of known and detection of unknown tax liabilities. Our analysis of unknown tax liabilities includes detection of state issues such as nexus, sales and use tax liabilities, property taxes and employment taxes. Those areas often receive inadequate attention, especially in the case of “asset” deals in which federal income tax issues may take on reduced significance.

Due diligence is not only for acquirors. We represent many businesses and investors that are contemplating sales, mergers or taking on new investors. They know that tax due diligence will be performed on their businesses. We help them prepare for that process, anticipating and solving problems before they are found by a buyer’s or investor’s due diligence team. This is not only a convenience; it can materially increase a business’s sale or investment value.