TaxGroup Partners is a firm of transaction experts. Our professionals have extensive experience in practical transaction structuring. We have structured transactions in good times and bad, dealing with tax issues ranging from bad debt costs to large unrealized gains.

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We are aggressive in helping our clients optimize the tax results of their transactions. However, unlike many of the professionals involved in structuring transactions, we are in it for the long haul: we know that we will share the burdens of tax compliance and reporting with our clients. We are always mindful of the practicalities of reporting and applicable financial accounting requirements as we determine and quantify transactional tax benefits, costs and risks.

When TaxGroup assists in structuring transactions, we are aware of the impact of financial accounting and book-tax differences on our planning. We do not only know how to plan profit and loss allocations; we also know how to implement and report them. We have substantial experience in post-transaction tax integration, not only of tax attributes but also of tax practices and procedures.

Logo-Bullet Efficient Approach

Practical transaction structuring often involves interests of corporations (both taxable and non-taxable), entities taxed as partnerships, financing parties and a variety of investment vehicles. We are familiar with and able to work with all of those constituencies to help our clients achieve their business goals in a tax-efficient manner. We take pride in our responsiveness and are committed to not becoming a limiting factor in transactions.